Three reasons why you should take advantage of Linkedin right now!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Why did Microsoft pay 26 times more for Linkedin Than Facebook did for Instagram? Social Platform Acquisition infographic

Think about this: Why did Microsoft acquire Linkedin for a whopping $26.2-billion in 2016 while Facebook bought Instagram for only $1 billion?

The answer is simple: Linkedin is 26 times more valuable than Instagram

How is Linkedin becoming more social

Since the acquisition, Linkedin has spent a massive amount of time and resources to transform the platform from a "CV platform" to a content platform. The days are long gone that Linkedin is only good to find a job. Today it has become the most powerful platform to grow your business and in this article, I am going to prove to you why.

"If you’re in B2B, Linkedin is the single most important platform you need to be spending your time on" Gary Vaynerchuk

I am a huge believer that in order to strive in today's modern business world and truly inspire those around you, you have to create your own opinion both online and offline. I see way too many leaders merely sharing someone else's opinion (aka Articles & Posts) and calling themselves "thought leaders". Sorry to break it to you, sounds to me more like "thought sharers". 

1) There is a huge untapped potential on Linkedin Today, Linkedin has more than 650 million users of which 260 million are active users and only 3 million users create original content. That's right only 0.5% of all Linkedin users produce content and let's face it only 10% is actually good content. That is a lot of eye-balls for a select 300.000 users worldwide. A huge difference between Linkedin and the other platforms, they don't rely on advertising as their main source of revenue which means they don't (as of yet) overpopulate their feed with adverts and force their content creators to boost their content to get a decent reach. Free organic reach for you and me, just like it used to be on Facebook many years ago.

2) The audience on Linkedin is unmatched

Linkedin Usage Key Demographics

Over 75% of Linkedin users have an income of over $50,000. 41% of all millionaires use Linkedin. 50% of all users have got a post-college degree. The audience you have access to through Linkedin is absolutely priceless.  Today Linkedin is the largest professional platform in the world connecting millions of professionals. Engagements are far more accurate, informative and professional compared to any other social platform. Funny enough the information displayed on people's profiles actually 9 out 10 times represents a true picture compared to the superficial profiles you will find on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It comes to no surprise that Linkedin is by far the most trusted digital platform in the world year after year.

Business Insider Intelligence's 2019 Digital Trust Ranking

3) Linkedin is a REVENUE generating platform $$$

Linkedin is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook & Twitter. It is simple, Linkedin is the only platform in the world you are able to engage with executives in a natural and professional manner. As marketers would refer to it: you have the ability to pitch at the right time with the right message on the right channel to the right people in a hyper-personalized manner. Very powerful. Check out my video on Digital Selling here, I briefly touch on the power of digital selling and lead generation. One thing I can promise you, if you manage to utilize Linkedin in your favor, you will be able to generate more qualified leads than you have ever before.

Linkedin Best Social Network for Lead Generation

I hope I have been able to convince you that Linkedin has a huge potential and you are now excited to take advantage of the platform.


Roel van de Ven - Lead to Inspire

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